Interactive map of problematic waste imports in Romania

The interactive map aimed to present the waste transport information in a friendly and easy to understandable form. The users are able to interact with the map by panning, zooming and querying the waste origin and destination.

First, the geographical locations of the waste producers, importers and the carry companies needed to be extracted using the postal address.

That was achieved through a technical process called geocoding. Due to the inconsistencies and the lack of standardization in the collected address information, several geocoding online services were used for this purpose (OpenStreetMap Nominatim, Google Maps Geocoding API and HERE Geocoder API).

Then, the corrected and validated locations were brought to QGIS, a desktop GIS software, where the connections between the locations were created.

Finally, the data was imported in CARTO, a multipurpose web mapping platform, for symbolization and for interactive controls development.

The MAP was created by based on the data obtained  during the journalistic research, It can be seen HERE.

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